Best Places to Visit in Florida

About Florida

At least a dozen pictures of Florida, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, spring to mind. For many, it’s Orlando’s world-famous Disney World and Universal theme parks.

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Places Must Visit to Florida

St. Petersburg

Across the bay of Tampa is neighboring St. Petersburg and neighboring Clearwater. Visitors, particularly travelers from the northern states, come here to escape the cold winters and enjoy the beaches of the ocean and the mild climate.


Tampa is located on an inlet on the west coast of Florida, just across the bay from St. Petersburg. Tampa is particularly popular with families who come to enjoy its many wildlife-filled attractions.

Key West

Historic Key West, on the far southern tip of the continental USA, has a distinctly island feel, with an old architecture and a slow pace. This picturesque and laid-back town is renowned for being home to a variety of well-known writers.